In a wedding invitation,

You usually find some lists,

For venues, menus and hotels,

And also for the gifts


But this one is unusual,

It comes in a different way,

As we're not asking for presents,

But for something else today


Now please don't think we're selfish,

Or that this comes from greed,

But we've lived together for a while,

So there's not that much we need


We would appreciate help though,

To send us on our way,

And allow us to have our honeymoon,

In a land quite far away


So now the point of all this rhyme,

The thing that we would like,

Isn't towels, toasters or microwaves,

But pounds and pence alike


And now you know the reason,

Behind this cheeky accord,

Please help to give us memories,

Of a dream honeymoon abroad.